Do You Get Council Tax Relief if You Have Dementia?

Dementia is a progressive condition that affects thinking, memory, and social abilities. As dementia symptoms worsen, patients require increasing care and support. If you or someone you live with has dementia, you may be eligible for council tax relief in the UK.

Council Tax Discounts

Several council tax discounts exist for people with dementia and other severe mental impairments (SMI) like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, or stroke. To qualify, a doctor must confirm the patient has a permanent condition severely impacting their mental capacity. The patient must also receive certain disability benefits like Personal Independence Payment.

A 25% discount is available if the patient lives alone. If multiple adults reside in the home, the 25% discount applies provided all adults have an SMI diagnosis.

Some councils offer a 100% exemption if the patient’s diagnosis makes them “incapable of living independently without care, supervision or attention.” Exemption eligibility depends on the patient’s disability benefits and Living Alone status. Check with your council for specific exemption criteria.

Moving into Care

If the patient moves to a hospital, care home, or assisted living facility, they remain liable for council tax on their regular home unless it becomes unoccupied. However, once vacant, the home may qualify for a 100% exemption for up to 12 months.

The patient’s new care accommodation may also warrant a discount or exemption. For example, care homes and hospitals usually receive 100% exemption. Some assisted living facilities and hostels catering to dementia patients can get 25%-100% discounts.

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Carer Discounts

Live-in carers for dementia patients may receive a 25% council tax discount. The carer must work at least 24 hours per week and earn under £44 weekly. If an unpaid live-in caregiver provides 35+ hours of dementia care per week, they also qualify for 25% off.

Applying for Discounts

Contact your council’s council tax department to discuss eligibility and apply for dementia discounts. Have diagnosis and benefit details on hand. Councils provide application forms tailored to different discounts. Submitting forms with evidence ensures proper assessment. Review discounts annually and notify councils if eligibility changes.

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