Top Facilities for Specialized Dementia Care in Kolkata

As dementia progresses, quality specialized care is essential for preserving cognitive function, managing difficult behaviors, and maintaining the highest possible quality of life. Fortunately, Kolkata offers several excellent facilities tailored to the needs of Alzheimer’s and other dementia patients.

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Care Continuum

Care Continuum follows a structured, personalised approach using sensorimotor stimulation to support independence in daily activities for as long as possible. Caregivers receive extensive training from leading dementia experts at ARDSI Kolkata on techniques like validation therapy and redirected thinking. 

Care plans focus on stabilizing psychiatric symptoms like anxiety, agitation, and sundowning through therapies involving music, touch, reminiscence, and cognitive stimulation. Medications are carefully monitored and adjusted in consultation with the family. Medical assistance is quickly available if the patient’s condition deteriorates to avoid hospitalization.

Nightingales Medical Trust

Nightingales operates a dedicated dementia care ward at its nursing home facility in Kolkata. Each patient receives customized care focused on preserving cognitive function through activities like art, music, and reminiscence therapy. 

Caregivers are trained in specialized techniques like validation therapy to address difficult behaviors with empathy, as well as physical care skills like hygiene assistance.

Licensed nurses oversee optimal medication management, health monitoring, and disease education for families. The peaceful environment enhances relaxation.

Medica North Bengal Clinic

The dementia care ward at Medica North Bengal Clinic provides 24/7 assistance tailored to each patient’s changing abilities. The environment secures patients’ safety while remaining homelike for comfort. 

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Care focuses on cognitive stimulation, counseling for families on grief and loss, therapies to manage neuropsychiatric symptoms, assistance with daily tasks, and oversight of nutrition, hygiene, and medication. Support groups provide coping strategies and planning guidance as dementia progresses.

Sparsh Dementia Care Center

Sparsh follows a patient-centric approach to dementia care. Programs aim to enhance quality of life through cognitive stimulation, reminiscence therapy, music and art activities. Caregivers are trained in communication techniques to manage behavioral challenges. Counseling helps families understand dementia effects and empowers them to make care decisions. Physical therapy maintains mobility while occupational therapy enables engagement in daily activities. Palliative care is available in advanced stages.

Peaceful Old Age Home

This residential facility provides affordable long-term dementia care in a peaceful environment. Care plans promote dignity, engagement, and optimal functioning for as long as possible. Memory boxes with personal items spark reminiscence.

Licensed nurses oversee specialized medication, treatment, and diets tailored to changing needs. Caregivers trained in positive dementia communication assist with daily tasks. All staff aim to provide respectful care. 

Consulting a geriatric care manager can help families select the right facility based on priorities like services, costs, and location. In-home care is also an option for one-on-one support in familiar surroundings. With quality care, those with dementia can continue enjoying meaning and purpose.

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