Our Senior Care Services

elder care

Our senior care services are designed for seniors who live alone, have restricted mobility and social engagement, and are in need of healthcare, emergency services, and emotional support. Our care givers are responsible for the elderly's health, companionship, and logistical support.

dementia care

Dementia Care services are available to senior citizens who have been diagnosed with dementia at any stage. Our customised interventions and services assist patients in achieving a higher quality of life and assisting families in managing their care. We offer cognitive evaluations, therapies, and caregiver support.


Our counselling services are available to older persons who require support with mental health issues. We offer counselling to assist individuals with retirement planning, age-related disorders, and coping with caregiver stress. Our services are evidence-based and are overseen by an accomplished team of Psychiatrists.

Complete Support for Mental Health in India

At VedamCare, we provide comprehensive end to end Care services for all your Mental Health as well as Aging related problems, with speciality in Dementia Care and Companionship Care.
Contact us for a free consultation and guidance on Aging, Dementia and and other related conditions.

VedamCare helps older people stay healthy and happy by providing varied range of assistance like Regular Checkups, Brain Stimulation Activities, Dementia care and Home Management whilst being a Companion. Our experts and staff work closely with each registered member to make sure your parents and grandparents get the best support possible with the most up-to-date technology.



what we solve?

With age, senior adults require special care to deal with normal aging issues affecting their physical and psychological wellbeing. Our aim is to cater to their psychological needs with our carefully curated individualized companionship care plans following a proper assessment.

Our Dementia Care service focuses on helping the caregivers (family members, relatives, friends, attendants, and house help) understand the condition better as well as provide basic consultation and guidance to help deal with the plethora of challenges that comes with Dementia.
Dementia is neurodegenrative condition which means it is progressive in nature. Early diagnosis and proper intervention in the initial stage is the key to slow down the progress of the disease as well as manage the symptoms more efficiently.

our specialisation

Non Pharmacological Interventions
These include Cognitive Stimulation exercises, reminiscence activities, validation therapy, and reality orientation to help slow down the cognitive decline.

Manage Neuropsychiatric Symptoms
Specific multicomponent interventions decrease neuropsychiatric symptoms in people with dementia such as depression, anxiety, aggression, etc, and are the treatments of choice since psychiatric drugs often come with severe side effects.

Care for Family Carers
Specific interventions for family carers have long-lasting effects on depression and anxiety symptoms, increase the quality of life, are cost-effective, and might save money.

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